Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant continues to pollute its environment

An Assessment In Context of the Process Of Compliance With Environmental Legislation: Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant was published. Our new report, conducted under the coordination of the Climate Change Policy and Research Association, highlights the importance of exiting coal power plants. In the report, an investigation was made on the Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant, which is one of the coal-fired and privatized thermal power plants.

This report, in the light of the information obtained as a result of field research, interviews and qualified examinations, the latest situation regarding the environmental investments (flue gas treatment, ash storage areas, etc.) is explained. In addition, the legislative compliance, environmental and ecological status of Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant, which is the only thermal power plant in operation in Çayırhan district and included in the reprivatization program in 2021, has been examined and our determinations regarding its status in environmental legislation are given below.

At the power plant;

  • Periodic analysis is required to ensure that the stored ashes are non-hazardous.
  • There is no environmental permit and license document for the Mining Site.
  • Interception channels are still not built. There is also a risk of landslides.
  • No investment has been made in the plant for air emissions. The flue gas treatment system does not work efficiently. From the continuous emission measurement systems installed in the 4 chimneys in the facility, it was determined that the average corrected concentration value of the pollutant parameters twice in 2020 was above the emission limit values/standards in the Regulation on the Control of Industrial Air Pollution (SKHKKY) and determined by the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. administrative fine was imposed. However, improvements are still not made.
  • As a result of the emission measurements made by CCPRA for control purposes in the Karaköy and Uluköy regions, where Çayırhan Thermal Power Plant is located, the daily and annual limit values of PM10, PM2.5 values specified in the SKHKKY, on almost all of the days on which the measurements were made, are the ones recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is observed that it exceeds the annual guideline values and the daily and annual average limit values valid in the European Union (EU). In addition, it was determined that the NO2 and SO2 measurement results exceeded the limit value specified in the SKHKKY, the annual guideline value recommended by WHO and the annual average limit value valid in the EU at all measurement points.

Our detailed assessment of the current status of 13 privatized thermal power plants is presented in the report in tabular form. Noteworthy points are shared below.

  • Afşin Elbistan A thermal power plant does not have an environmental permit. Despite this, the facility continues to operate. There is no flue gas sulfur treatment, nitrogen removal, denox unit. No investment has been made to prevent the pollutants coming out of the chimney. EIA positive decision of Afşin Elbistan B was made on the condition of Afşin Elbistan A’s compliance with environmental legislation. Although Afşin A was given 2 environmental penalties in the last 6 months, the facility continues to operate in violation of environmental legislation.
  • An environmental penalty was given in April because the continuous emission measurement system of Afşin Elbistan B thermal power plant was not operated. The flue gas treatment system is not suitable, the structure of the ash hinders the efficient operation of the treatment plant. It should be redesigned.
  • EÜAŞ 18 Mart Çan Thermal Power Plant, flue gas sulfur treatment system was installed incorrectly. It is designed for 4% sulfur, but the sulfur content is 8%.
  • There is no flue gas sulfur treatment system in Tunçbilek Thermal Power Plant.
  • There are no flue gas treatment systems in Seyitömer Thermal Power Plant, it cannot be installed because the thermal power plant technology is very backward.

Soma Thermal Power Plant does not have flue gas treatment systems.

Click here to access the executive summary of the report in English.

Click here for the details of the report in Turkish.

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